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Salisbury Highway

The management and staff of Salisbury Highway Vet Surgery are dedicated to providing a high quality medical and surgical facility for your pet whilst maintaining friendly and approachable service. Services we offer include professional consultations, up-to-date advice on preventative health care and nutrition, hospitalisation, general surgery, dentistry, digital radiography and ultrasound, in-house laboratory testing, behaviour consults and training advice including Puppy Pre-School courses.

Whites Road

Whites Road Veterinary Clinic is a branch of Salisbury Highway Vet Surgery with the same staff and same dedication to providing your pet with the best possible veterinary care. We offer professional consultation services, including behaviour consults, as well as up-to-date advice on preventative health care, training, and nutrition. We also have a specially designed comfort room for euthanasia appointments to make this difficult time as peaceful as possible.

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Dr Ian McBryde BVMS

Veterinarian & Practice Principal

After graduating from Murdoch University (WA) in 1981, I moved home to SA where I worked in Strathalbyn before starting at SHVS over 35 years ago. A few years ago I go back into rowing, my school sport of choice (along with rugby, but I'm too old for that these days!)

I'm still very much enjoying my work after all these years, although you're probably seeing my face slightly less than you might be used to.

My current generation of adoptees include Brenna (an elderly Staffy X), Barney (an exuberant and unflappable Red Heeler), and Kit (inherited from the Vet School at Roseworthy, we can thank Dr Ellen for that one!)


Leah Chapman

Senior Veterinary Nurse

I started in the animal industry when I was in high school, working and showing ponies. After starting some part-time nursing, I also worked in a dairy before moving into full-time vet nursing over 23 years ago, 16 of those with SHVS (and counting...)

My brood includes a Kelpie/Coolie X (Jade), my cat (Cisco, adopted from work), newly adopted kitten (Messi), 4 chooks, 1 guinea fowl, 8 horses, and 3 cats I inherited with my new house. My weekends usually consist of kids' sport and showing horses.


Rhianna Shepperd

Veterinary Nurse

I started working at SHVS at the beginning of 2019, after having finished my TAFE Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at the end of 2018. Straight out of school I worked at a stable, riding and grooming horses, before moving into the veterinary industry over 5 years ago.

I'm kept busy at home with my 3 cats, 2 dogs, and 4 horses. I steal a minute for horse riding whenever I can, participating in eventing competitions regularly.


Ellie Wilson

Veterinary Nurse

I started at SHVS in January 2018 as a Trainee Vet Nurse and fast tracked my studies to become a fully qualified Certificate IV Vet Nurse at the end of 2019. I did try out a few different career options before finding myself in the veterinary industry, just like I'd imagined as a kid.

I've got quite the collection of pets - my cats Fizz, Phoebe, and Faye (the newest and cutest addition!), Skid the Staffy, and my rabbit Fifi (a Netherland Dwarf). When I'm not at work I love going to the gym, gardening and heading to the beach, usually with Skid in tow.

Support Staff

Michele Heywood

Practice Manager

I started working in the veterinary industry almost 35 years ago, back in my home town of Kadina. After moving to Adelaide I joined SHVS (over 25 years ago!) as a locum nurse with just one permanent shift befoe moving into part-time vet nursing, and then the role of Practice Manager in 2000.

Like many of us, I adopted Chino (a Burmese/Siamese X) after she was abandoned at SHVS. Although she's a wonderful girl at home she isn't the biggest fan of the vets, and was once voted 'Worst Staff Cat'! Outside of work I enjoy watching the footy, gardening, and my husband and I have just purchased a caravan so we'll see where that takes us!


Sarah Brydon


I've been working at SHVS for 13 years now! This was my first job in the veterinary industry, starting as an animal attendant before moving into my current role as a Receptionist.

My tiny fur family includes Poppy, a scruffy little lady who loves snuggling up, Ivy and a crazy boisterous Jack Russell. When I'm not at work you might find me out hiking, checking out local markets, or at home cooking, baking, or doing arts and crafts.


Georgina Edwards


Growing up on a farm on the Yorke Penisula my dream job was to work with animals! After finishing High School I attended TAFE to further my animal studies and hopefully find a position in the industry. I started working at SHVS in July 2019 as one of the Receptionists with hopes of gaining more experience.

When I am not at work I love to go home to the farm to visit my family, spending time with my friends, my furry friend Kiara and completely further online courses in dog training and psychology - I am eager to learn as much as I can about animals and why they do things in certain ways!



We know that when your pet is sick you want answers, fast. That's why we are equipped with a wide range of specialised equipment to assist us in diagnosis and treatment.

This includes IDEXX in-house laboratory machines for on-demand blood testing, digital X-ray processing for general and dental radiography, microscopy equipment, ECG, and a MyLab ultrasound machine. We also have disease specific blood tests that are quick and easy to run in-house (including Parvovirus, FIV/FeLV, and Heartworm Disease).

We can also provide Advance DNA Testing for dogs - the results might just surprise you!


Although often necessary, surgery can be a stressful time for you and your pet. Have peace of mind knowing that one of our highly-trained nurses will be monitoring your pet’s anaesthetic throughout their procedure.

We monitor and record your pet’s blood pressure, pulse and respiration rate, oxygenation, and temperature for every anaesthetic. All our surgical patients receive intravenous fluid therapy as standard. We have heating apparatus including Darvall heated anaesthetic tubing to maintain your pet’s temperature throughout their anaesthetic, assisting a quick and smooth recovery. In the hospital we have dedicated dog and cat areas with individual housing for your pet’s comfort.


Do you know the difference between a behaviour problem and a problem behaviour? We’re here to help!

We provide dedicated behavioural and training consultations with our senior veterinarian, Dr Ian McBryde.

We stock a wide range of training aids to provide environmental enrichment for your pet, helping to keep them occupied and stimulated at home. We can also arrange harness or head collar fittings and provide training advice on walking aids and on those hard to tackle problem behaviours.


Did you know that over 80% of pets over 3 years of age suffer from dental disease? 'Doggy breath' isn't normal and can be an early sign of an unhealthy mouth, with bacteria on the surface of teeth leading to gum inflammation (gingivitis) and pain.

Removing plaque and tartar early can stop dental disease in its tracks but, if left untreated the build-up of bacteria on your pet's teeth can have some serious consequences for their long term health beyond just losing teeth. Remember, prevention is better than cure and we're here to help! Ask us about how to maintain your pet's dental health at home, from daily brushing to veterinary-approved dental chews.

Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Pre-School really is one of the best things you can do for your new puppy! Our course promotes positive socialisation between puppies, people, and even our clinic cat Basil.

New and positive experiences provide young puppies with the best possible start in life! Our courses encourage positive play and interaction between puppies while also providing you with great training tips and techniques to ensure your puppy develops good behaviours and habits.


We believe that great nutrition provides the best foundation for your pet's health and longevity. From prescription diets for specific health concerns to diets for general wellbeing, we can provide expert advice on what's best for your pet and have seen first hand the difference the right diet can make!

We're also able to assist you in making the right nutritional choices for your pet at every lifestage, from birth into their twilight years.


There are so many pet products available today that even a trip to the supermarket can be overwhelming! But don't worry, we're here to help. We stock a wide range of vet-approved pet products, along with up-to-date knowledge and advice.

Prevention is better than cure! We stock a range of preventative health care products for dogs and cats and are here to help find what works best for you and your pet.

Payment Plans

We know first hand that vet bills don’t always come at a convenient time! Payment options mean your pet can get the treatment and care they need, when they need it. You can apply online or get in touch!

We can assist you with your application in-clinic (by appointment only) or provide you with more information to help you determine which payment option is best for you. Please be aware we do not provide accounts.

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(08) 8258 7978

(08) 8258 7978